Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friend in need is a friend indeed
I do love you guys since we were in CFS .
sorry for everything and thankss for everythingggg ,
againn, thankssss for everythingg..
I’ll never forget this moment J it creates one more memory,
again,thankss for da wonderful bufday suprise !!!!! I u!! mmmuuaaaah !!!!

special thankss to Amal, Ainul, Muja,Joo, Seha ,
and hepi bufday to my bufdaymate Mei !! I youuuu !

Friday, November 11, 2011

Barney and Her lovely friends ::))

bieyla n nieyha ~~~
thanks a lot for da cake, for da suprise, and for everything :))
thanks for being my bff :)

im so proud to know both of you in my life, J
i do love you, i do miss you  L

''sometimes i sms you,
  sometimes i dont
  sometimes I reply,
  sometimes I forgot,
but, no matter how many that SOMETIMES are,
u'll be my bestfriends not for sometimes, but for ALL THE TIME . J

p/s : I miss both op you badly  L
eventhough we are rarely contacting each other, but a thing that you guys must know is, everysingle day, u guys hit my mind :) 
I cannot upload da pitcha koz something happened L file corrupted