Friday, September 27, 2013

Melbourne ke ?

I have a problem where, I am quite idealess in starting any conversation or writing. But once I started, I cant stop it.  YES ! at last, I have the introduction in today’s post.  And warning , this post gonna be a long post. Hehe
In this post, I want to share with you guys who are planning to go to Australia for a holiday, tips on how to go to Australia . because, there are friends of mine who asked me about this, so i think i should write it here, so that it can help you guys too!!
I went to Australia in 2012, and it was winter ! I went to Melbourne for 6 days, and Sydney for 4 days.

In Melbourne :
Place to stay
 We stayed at a house nearer to the city of Melbourne, 10 minutes walk to the train station. Actually, we rented a house, which the owner also staying there ! The owner, we called them Encik Badrul, and the wife,amy
there are two separate room for men and women. Oh ya, I went there with my uncles, aunties and cousins, there were 14 of us inc me.  The owners are Malaysian of course. They allowed us to use everything in the house, we also can cook , and wifi- also  available,! Actually, the A plan was to stay at Malaysian hall in Melbourne, but because we were late, 3months before is counted as late tau! So my aunt was searching and asking her students who study in Melbourne to find us a place to stay, so encik badrul was the solution.  But, that ideas was totally not a bad idea, because we were so comfortable staying there, so in Melbourne, we went to Victoria market- a famous market to buy souvenirs, philip island (meet lovely penguins ) and MBO (branded outlet,levis jeanss way cheaper). And yes, if you want to stay here, don’t hesitate to comment to this post, and ill tell you how to contact encik badrul.

the house

encik badrul in blue black shirt

the room

the kitchen

To walk around the city, we just rode a tram (the body is like LRT, but they are functioning in Road just like a bus)  their tram’s service is tiptop, it is available in every 5minutes. To ride the tram, as usual you have to buy a ticket, but this ticket can be used for the whole day, I mean, you don’t have to buy tickets for every destination you want to go to. Oke ?
we also had rented  two cars, a Hyundai MPV to go to places like Philip Island and etc.  it was rm300/day.  And fyi, in AUSTRALIA, you are allowed to drive only at 60km/ hour, and they have a camera (like AES) everywhere, and the compound will be 300AUD, which means rm1000. So, every car in Australia is at the same speed. Oh ya, from airport , we just took a cab, van cab. I didn’t remember the fares, my bad.  And it takes only 20minutes fm airport to the house that we rented.
the tram

the cars that we rented

Prayer time during winter
Because it is a winter time, the time is a bit shorter or limited, the subuh prayer is a 5 O-clock (aus time ) and Malaysia time, and the maghrib is at 5PM !! the zhr and asr,isya’ you can count on your own,  the qiblat, we depend  on the compass.

When we just arrived in Melbourne, the temperature was 8-5C, but the next day, it became colder and the temperature was -1C. but still we can survive, not that cold ! haha, because it doesn’t snow in melboure ! J

So that is all for today’s post. Gonna continue with the Sydney trip.

p/s :

corelle kat sini tersangatlahhhhhh murah !!! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pendek je hari ni :)

Assalamualaikum and hye!!!

Menaip entri dengan hati yang sungguh tidak tenang !! kenapa ? sebab, next week dah start kelas !! L memula nak start kelas ni, antara benda yang senantiasa dan menjadi top priority kerunsingan saya adalah, homesick !! yes, saya punya homesick memang dah tahap doctor pon pening. 
Yang keduanya adalah, kerunsingan bergelumbang dengan esaimen+presentations and etc.  haa ! yang ni memang, sebelum masuk sem baru, msa tengah prereg subject, tengok je nenama subjek tu macam,.. grrr, ape dia ni ! nak belajar ape ni, susah tak ni, haha, yang ni solusinya, kena masuk kelas and belajr selama 1sem , dapatlah tgk hasilnya. Seterusnya nak kemas barang ! hostel saya, everyyear kitorang kena tukar bilik, jadi, memang nak kemas barang, hangkut, heret , punggah, tarik barang ni tersangatlah tak rajin. Huh, belum tambah yang blik tu berhabuk, lantai kena mop. Tentime ni rasa macam dah tukar profession ha.  Tapi yang first masalah nya homesick lah ! yang lenlain tu tokok tambah je ! J aish, kalau lah uia ni sebelah rumah je kan.!! Haha !!

Oh ye, saya punya style, saya akan pegi balik ke uia nyaris2 dengan hari kelas start, contohnya next week kelas start hari isnin, hari ahad malam saya baru bertolak dari Kelantan. And ini senantiasa dan memang menjadi amalan, tengok lah bawah tu !! sesunguhnya, kalau uia tepi rumah, mesti saya dapat award early registration!! :) 

So, that s all for today peeps !! jom packing barang sesama, persiapkan mental dan phsical untuk menjadi
superwomen and supermen !! :)