Thursday, July 7, 2011

you n me !

Yes ! I do love them , I do miss them ,
Amal ,  ju , muja , ainul  . i miss the tyme wen we ate togede2 . I miss the tyme wen we lepak at da blue court . I miss the tyme wen we breakfast lam kelas dgn makan roti sardin @ karipap dgn susu coklat @ air milo .  bila bgn dr tido , I have amal besides my katil , wen i have a problems I have someone to tell with . I miss everythingggg  dat we have done togede in nilai !!!  girls , I lovee u unconditionally !  hope  mase kita kat gombak nnt , even kite dok mahallah jauh2 , but da memories dat we have in nilai  will never be erased . Insya Allah. Semoga persahabatan kita kerana Nya

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