Thursday, April 3, 2014

the feeling

Should I write something about my loved ones here ?
Should I write something that happens in my daily life here ?
Should I write my nonsense opinions here ?
Should I review whatever I used here ?
but, but, again, with the limitations of time, do I have the time to write all the above here ?  Nonstop of assignments,presentations,observations,microteachings just make this life wonderful. Yes at least we have ups and downs to remember. Does life as a student is just to learn about your courses ? I think, ive learnt more than that, I learn on how to share things with others ( which before I don’t really like ) I learn on how to be grateful , I learn how to appreciate time ( which before, I love to waste time doing nothing) I learn on how wonderful life is with amazing friends you have around you.  I learn so many things here. which I bet, I ll never experience this in future.
Time flies fast, really fast. And people changed.  
Ok maaf for this I don’t know what am talking about. It just what I feel.

Thanks everyone J

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  1. Tulis lah apa sahaja yang awak nak share dgn semua orang :) tapi masalah kekangan masa tu kadang2 menghalang